Engineering Services

Engineering Services

An extension of your team

Imperial has a solid core of Engineers to support a customer's project(s) from concept to arrival on your dock and beyond.

Imperial has a skilled team of engineers to support your project from concept to arrival on your dock and beyond. Our engineering staff, using the latest software analysis packages, will take your concept and design and determine the optimal way to manufacture your product.

Our Project Engineers will work with your team to manage your design through the tool build, sampling, and production launch. Our Process Engineers are the leaders on the floor. Once the mold is approved and transferred into production, the Process Engineer will ensure the parts that come out of the mold are processed in the most efficient manner. 


At Imperial Plastics you'll find expert technical direction for product innovation. We apply our knowledge and experience in specialty injection molding technologies to help advance customer-supplied designs. Successful components that are highly functional and are able to be manufactured are the result of close collaboration that begins early in the design process.

Project Management

Our experienced engineering and production team will collaborate with you to move your project smoothly from development to production. Engineering oversight and adherence to defined processes for product development will accompany your project into manufacturing. Imperial’s Stage Gate Process provides visibility of project milestone’s and ensures that projects are delivered on time.


Whether you need one part or a thousand, we can utilize 3D printing, aluminum tooling, cast urethane or CNC machining to produce prototype, pre-production, or bridge-tooled components. Imperial Plastic's Engineering team will help you select the best method for producing your product.

Sustainable Engineering

Imperial Plastic's engineering team provides ongoing support to ensure the sustainability of your product. We partner with you to understand opportunities to reduce waste and costs from the design phase through the life of the product. We also utilize Design for Manufacturability (DFM) and other lean manufacturing principles to help you find ways to simplify processes and operational steps.