Adopt-a-park is a public service program for volunteers to pick-up litter, identify safety hazards, and to freely communicate other issues associated with a particular park.

Imperial Plastics has adopted Cherryview Park. This park is located in Lakeville, MN at 7952 175th Street. On June 15 from 5-7 pm we will be having a park clean up to make not only our park but also our community a better place. All employees, friends, and family are welcome. Please let us know if you will be able to join us so we can have enough refreshments and treats for everyone. You can sign up in the Corporate Office lunch room, or by sending us a tweet, e-mail, or message with your name and how many people you will be coming with. If you are sending an e-mail, please send it to

We want to ensure that our children, family, and friends can not only enjoy their time at the park but also have a safe experience. A litter-free community is inviting to visitors, prospective new citizens, and businesses. With Imperial's involvement, it will help save tax dollars as well as allow maintenance crews to devote their time and effort to other important projects. Keeping our parks clean is the right thing to do and is in line with Imperial's TOPS value of stewardship.

Stewardship - leaving something in better shape than how you found it.

Lets leave this park better than how we found it and make our community a better place.