About Us

About Us

Who We Are

We are proud of our history and significant growth, and we are most proud of the many long standing employees, customers, and suppliers.

Imperial Plastics, Inc. was founded in 1968 and shortly thereafter became a subsidiary of Fingerhut Corporation. Imperial Plastics remained a subsidiary of Fingerhut until 1990, producing proprietary products for the parent company. During this time, Imperial grew in size to operate with fifteen molding machines, thirty employees, and 1500 square feet of space.

In 1990, Fingerhut decided to divest itself from Imperial Plastics and sold the company to John Gambell who had been the general manager of Imperial Plastics since 1975. With the Fingerhut proprietary business in decline, Imperial Plastics began to redefine its role and became a custom plastic injection molder. In 1993 Mr. Gambell added a 35,000 square foot expansion and by 1996 Imperial Plastics had grown to seventy employees, thirty-three molding machines, and 50,000 square feet of manufacturing/warehouse space.

On January 2, 1997, Norman Oberto purchased Imperial Plastics and very quickly accelerated Imperial’s growth plan. Mr. Oberto saw the opportunity to grow Imperial Plastics by converting metal parts to plastic. The growth model involved “inventing” plastic opportunities by working closely with customers engineers to redesign metal components into plastic parts and assemblies.

The company adopted a simple mission statement to “Create and Maintain Customers”. This was accomplished via a commitment of meeting, or exceeding, customer expectations through quality, delivery, service, and continuous improvement.

Over the next 20 years, Imperial Plastics grew by assisting customers with design, development, prototyping, and ultimately the production of plastic components and assemblies.  Consequently, Imperial Plastics has grown to be one of the largest injection molders in North America.  Today, Imperial has in excess of 500 production staff, more than 140 molding machines, and over 750,000 square feet of manufacturing, assembly and warehouse space.

Imperial Plastics has also become a platform company purchasing 5 custom plastic injection molders since 2004. Each acquired company has allowed Imperial Plastics to expand and diversify its customer base.

Aside from ranking as one of the largest plastic injection molders in North America, Imperial Plastics is one of the few molders offering the range of capabilities and press sizes from 40 ton to 3300 ton capability, as well as structural foam, multi-shot, and assembly expertise.

We are proud of our history and significant growth, and we are most proud of the many long standing employees, customers, and suppliers who have contributed significantly to the Imperial Plastics story thus far.

We are also excited about our plans for the future with our emphasis on our T.O.P.S values (transparency, ownership, positive attitude, and stewardship).

Our TOPS values:

  • T Transparency. We value openness, honesty, and integrity in all our actions and communications.
  • O - Ownership. We value personal accountability and teamwork.
  • P - Positive Attitude. We value a "can-do" attitude.
  • S - Stewardship. We value leaving our partners, employees, investors, and the environment in better shape than we found them.

Why are TOPS our values?

At Imperial Plastics, we embrace Transparency, Ownership, Positive Attitude, and Stewardship as these values were fundamental to our success from the beginning. As we look to the future, we will continue to seek out and embrace customers and potential employees who align with our values as the pillars for our next level of growth.


To help improve the world one plastic part at a time by delivering sustainable engineered solutions for the best companies in the world.

Why? Our customers count on us to pay attention to the details and quality of each component we mold. Focusing on providing the best engineers to solve our customer’s greatest challenges fuels our engine and ensures our customers that we are in business with them for the long haul.


We aspire to be one of the top ten molders in North America!

Why? We are passionate about being the best and want our customers to see us the same way. We are also committed to learn from our peers and continue to pursue best practices in all aspects of our business. We expect that our desire to learn and continue to build innovative solutions will be catalysts for achieving our aspirations.